Portsmouth Film Society Quick Survey

If you complete this survey we will going to give you 3 passcard which will allow you to watch any 3 films with us. Help us tailor the society, tell us what you’d like to see change. Please take a couple of minutes to give us your input in this quick survey...

* 1. Please answer the questions honestly, we need your feedback to develop the the society for the future.

Please rate the various areas of PFS?

  Excellent good average poor
Sound System
Outdoor Cinema -Sunset
Film choices
Web design

* 2. What kind of films would you like to see at PFS?

* 3. What Particular international film culture are you most interested in?

* 4. If PFS runs a fulltime cinema service in Southsea today, how likely would you be to use this service?

* 5. If PFS shows more screenings on other days of the week which of the following available days would you prefer?

* 6. What should PFS improve in the future in Eldon Building Screening room?

* 7. How often do you go to No6 cinema in the Historic Dockyard?

* 8. How often you do you go to Vue in Gunwharf?

* 9. Will you go to Veu if there is a cinema in Southsea?

* 10. What is your age?