The purpose of this survey is to help you identify areas where you may not be as efficient or as safe as you could be. As a thank you for your input, you'll be entered into a prize draw to WIN a Fortnum & Mason Marylebone Hamper!

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More than 80% of manufacturing businesses have purchased multiple communication systems over the years and have found it difficult to rationalise, resulting in users carrying multiple devices.

* 2. How do you communicate with the various teams who operate across all areas of the site? E.g. maintenance, engineers and other non-desk-based personnel

* 3. Which of the mobile comms devices below do your staff carry?

* 4. Are the above devices used for voice-only or can you also receive up-to-date plant process information and / or critical alarms?

* 5. Do you currently have staff working alone?

* 6. If one of your lone workers had an accident and was rendered unconscious, how long would it take before anyone realised?

* 7. Once reported, how long would it take to locate the unconscious person?

Average Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in manufacturing plants is 60% - well short of the world class benchmark of 85%. The following questions are centered on how you ensure critical alarms are received by the correct personnel.

* 8. If there is a problem that occurs with a machine on your manufacturing or production site, how long does it take for a qualified engineer to be notified?

* 9. Does your system automatically distribute machine / process faults or events directly to a qualified engineer who would then attend to the machine?

* 10. Do you feel that the time it takes to detect a fault to a qualified engineer resolving the issue could be reduced?

* 11. Do machine faults impact on your business's productivity?

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