What is the impact of different types of fanservice?

Please only answer these questions if you find sexual fanservice off-putting! If you don't mind or even enjoy fanservice, this survey is not for you. 

Thank you!

Question Title

* 1. You are watching the first episode of an original anime you know nothing about, and come across some fanservice involving a female character. Please choose your most likely response if...

  It puts me off so much that I might even switch off the episode It puts me off, but I'll most likely give it another episode or two to win me over I don't love it, but it's probably not enough to stop me watching I probably don't even notice it, it doesn't usually bother me at all
...her body is designed for fanservice, e.g. she has unusually large yet gravity-defying breasts
...her costume has fanservice elements, e.g. she is a soldier in a mini-skirt
...she is animated to enhance fanservice, e.g. her breasts jiggle independently in slow motion
...she has traits designed for fanservice, e.g. she enjoys groping unsuspecting women
...she has interactions designed for fanservice, e.g. a male character trips and falls face-first into her crotch
...everyday nudity is framed for fanservice, e.g. the camera slowly moves up her naked body in the shower

Question Title

* 2. Are there any other types of fanservice which bother you? If so, what is your likely response to that fanservice?