1. AHDB Automation and Robotics Survey 2017

The UK Horticultural industry has concerns over the availability and cost of casual labour. AHDB have commissioned a survey to investigate the current and potential level of automation and robotics, particularly with regard to replacement of human labour. Automation is defined as the replacement of human labour by mechanical operations which may include robotics. Robotics includes sensing and feedback.

There will also be a more in-depth telephone survey with growers if you would like to participate in this please email your details to hort.info@ahdb.org.uk

If you would be interested in helping AHDB Horticulture steer future activity in this area please get in touch with Debbie.Wilson@ahdb.org.uk 

* 1. Are you a U.K. grower?

* 2. If No, please write occupation

* 3. Please choose your business sector

* 4. Please list your three main crops

* 5. What size is your business?

* 6. What tasks in your system are currently automated (replace human labour with mechanical operations) or robotic (an automated task which includes feedback and sensing)?

* 7. Would you describe your business as innovative?

* 8. Are you planning on investing in automation or robotics in the next

* 9. If so, how much do you envisage spending?

* 10. Are you currently developing in-house automation/robotics solutions?

* 11. Are you involved in automation/robotics research projects?

* 12. Would you like to see more research into automation/robotics at a Government level?

* 13. How can AHDB best support the future automation/robotics aspirations of your business?

* 14. In the context of all AHDB Horticulture research needs, how important is this topic to you?

* 15. Where would you like to see developments in either automation or robotics?

* 16. What is the most important piece of new technology you would like to see?

* 17. Have you actively searched for information on automation/robotics?

* 18. Where do you get information on automation/robotics?

* 19. Would you like AHDB Horticulture to provide more information on automation/robotics?

* 20. If so, in what format?

* 21. Any other comments on the topic?

* 22. If you are happy to be contacted on this topic please add your e-mail address.