ASDA has announced proposals to put all hourly paid colleagues on Contract 6 with a £9.00 per hour rate of pay.

Last year GMB surveyed members on the ASDA/Sainsbury’s merger. 73.26% of GMB members believed ASDA colleagues pay should be comparable with the £9.20 per hour paid by Sainsbury’s. In the same survey 94.18% of ASDA hourly paid colleagues believe GMB Union should be able to negotiate pay and conditions on their behalf. 

When ASDA introduced Contract 6 it was £1.00 per hour above the National Living Wage (NLW). The current NLW and Contracts 1 to 5 rate is £8.21 per hour.

 We would like your views on ASDA’s proposals put everyone on Contract 6. This will help us formulate the GMB counter proposals and pay claim.

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