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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. It should take about 2 - 3 minutes.

There is a quite a lot of space between questions, so the survey looks longer than it actually takes!
We value your feedback, especially any extra information that you include in the comments boxes. This gives us the detail that we need to make the changes that you suggest.

This information is all confidential and anonymous. We are obliged to ask certain questions to comply with rules for how GP Surgeries are governed.

This survey is to help you let us know about the things we can do to help improve your experience.

We also need to understand where we need to help you manage your expectations about what is possible, given that we have less money from the NHS this year than in previous years.

We would love to have a bigger building, better parking, smart surroundings, more GPs and more administrators. We have made some improvements this year but we are not able to do more without more income from the NHS.

When providing your thoughts and comments - please be realistic - let us know what small things might make a big difference. We have made quite a few changes to how we work as a direct response to last year's survey. We do listen and within our resources, we will continue to work to improve our services to support your care in the ways that you need.

Just to let you know a few other changes that are about to happen:

1) New lighting in the Car Park and around the building
2) New television in the Waiting Room
3) Refurbishment of 6 Clinical Rooms
4) Refurbishment of Patient Toilets

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