Boxing Scotland getting to know you

We want to make boxing as rewarding as we can for you.  This means making sure Boxing Scotland can plan for the future as far as possible making sure that the sport is accessible to everyone who wants to take part.  It is also vital that we work as hard as we can to eliminate anything that might prevent people from participating fully especially inequality of any kind or negative discrimination or unfair treatment. 

To help us to do this we would like to know more about you.  This information allows us to shape Boxing Scotland to meet the needs of our members but also helps us to remove any barriers that might exist which deter others from participating  fully and getting the best possible experience from what the sport has to offer.  

It will also be extremely helpful to us in representing Boxing Scotland to others and attracting  investment and funding to grow the sport.  Please complete our "Getting to know you" equality survey.  The information you give will be treated in complete confidence.