Wellspring Academy Trust is currently working with the Department for Education to open a Secondary school in the central area of Barnsley to support its future shortage of school places.

The proposed new school will be called Elements and will have an innovative specialised curriculum.

We are collecting surveys to measure support for our application. We may share this with the Department for Education as part of our application for the new school.

Wellspring Academy Trust is committed to putting children first. We believe that every child, every family, has a right to an outstanding local school. Our vision is for a state-of-theart Academy that serves its community and its pupils in a way that is fit for the twenty first century and that prepares its children for their futures.

• Planned opening: September 2021
• Age range: 11-16
• Proposed size: 140 Secondary pupils per year, 700 Secondary-aged pupils when full
• Curriculum: National Curriculum & Elements Curriculum

Elements will be Creative, Unique and Innovative, through five strategic foci:

1. Excellence in learning and teaching
2. Raise Standards through the Elements+ Curriculum
3. Raise standards by involving families and parents
4. High quality staff training and succession planning
5. Improve life chances for all learners

Elements will grow to a school of maximum 700 pupils of Key Stage 3 and 4 age. Class sizes, in particular at years seven and eight, will host a maximum of 24 pupils.

Our school will improve life chances for pupils through improved outcomes, nurture, enhanced confidence and by inspiring heightened ambitions and aspirations.

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