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About this project

Here at ADP and SHARE UK, we are undertaking a research study to hear your views about how future research can answer the questions that matter to you. The will help us to push for the changes that will make the biggest difference in the real world. Your experiences and stories are so valuable. By taking part in this study you will be actively shaping future research and informing future change.

What’s involved?

This study will involve giving us your views on a number of issues. You can either answer these questions below or if you would prefer to answer questions by email contact us at You are free to answer these in your own time in as much or as little detail as you like. The survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. All questions are optional and if you don’t want to answer one you can just leave it blank. Once you have given your answers we ask your permission to email with some follow-up questions, please indicate below whether or not you happy to be contacted again. If you would prefer for us not to contact you simply check 'no'. Alternatively email the word ‘stop’ to at any time. You can still take part in the rest of the survey and any information you can give us is valuable. 

To take part you must be aged 16 to 24. We are interested in hearing from people from all different types of backgrounds but you do need to be living in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Taking part in this study completely voluntary and there are no consequences if you decide not to take part. You are also free to stop participating at any time without penalty. Simply write 'stop' and exit and skip to the end of the survey or reply to any emails with the word ‘stop’.

Please be aware that the SHARE UK email inbox is not manned 24 hours a day and we are not able to offer crisis support.

If you feel distressed at any time while answering the questions then please stop and contact a source of help such as Samaritans 24 helpline or email service (116 123,
The survey will be closed on 31st January 2020

Privacy protection

Your privacy and safety of your information is our priority. All of the information collected is confidential and your identity will be protected at all times. Data will be securely stored at Swansea University. All personal information will be separated from responses to questions and destroyed. Anonymised findings from this study will be used to publish and share research, however all personal or potentially identifying information will be removed.

We will never pass any information onto anyone else.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of this form please contact

Thank you for taking part – your help makes such a big difference.
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* 2. Are you happy for us to email you with any follow-up questions about this survey?

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* 3. Are you happy for us to email you with any follow-up questions about this survey?

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* 4. Please check here if you would like to be contacted for future research studies. This information will only be used by our study team and we will never pass your information on to anyone else.