Lizi's Granola is here to make sure you're snacking healthily while enjoying your favourite box sets. To help us do this we'd love to know a little bit more about what you're watching. 

To say thanks we're giving away 100 portion packs of delicious Lizi's Granola in a range of flavours. Don't forget to leave your email address at the end of the survey to be in with a chance of winning.

* 1. What is your favourite box-set of all time?

* 2. Which provider do you watch most of your box-sets on ?

* 3. Who is your favourite box-set character of all time?

* 4. Which box-set that has now ended do you wish would come back for one final season?

* 5. Which box-set are you enjoying the most right now?

* 6. What is the maximum number of hours you have spent in one sitting watching a box-set?

* 7. What are your favourite snacks while watching a box-set? (select all that apply)

* 8. What is the first box-set you would recommend to a complete stranger?

* 9. On average how long does it take to find something you want to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime or other on-demand service

* 10. What are you looking forward to coming out on TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime in 2017? (move to the next question if you can't think of one)

* 11. What day are you most likely to watch your favourite box-set?

* 12. Who do you watch box-sets with? (tick all that apply)

* 13. Thank you for completing our survey. If you would like to win one of 100 portion packs of Lizi's Granola please enter your email address below: