The Council is consulting on a new Additional HMO licensing scheme which will come into force in 2017. As part of the process the Local Authority is required to consult with interested parties about the scheme and consider representations made before finalising any decisions. A full copy of the Consultation document is available here .  A condensed version with the main proposals is available here.

* 1. Which of the following best describes you?

* 2. In which area do you principally operate?

* 3. Thinking about the proposed additional licensing area, have you noticed any changes in the following

  Improved Stayed the same Got worse Don't know
The condition of properties in the area
The number of empty properties
Perception of the area as a place to rent
Levels of crime

* 4. How much do you agree with these statements

  Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Don't know
a) Landlords should adequately manage anti-social behaviour from their tenants
b) Landlords should receive training where appropriate
c) Information about the landlord's management practice should be provided to the Council
d) The number of people occupying the property should be controlled
e) The provision and type of heating should be of a satisfactory standard
f) The property should have satisfactory roof insulation for energy efficiency
g) The means of escape from fire and other fire precautions should be of a satisfactory standard
h) The security of a property should be of a satisfactory standard (e.g. to prevent burglaries)
I) Each property should be managed by a suitably qualified property professional

* 5. How much do you agree with these statements

  Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Don’t know
Additional licensing will help reduce neighbourhood problems e.g. noise, nuisance and rubbish
Additional licensing will help ensure that HMOs are better maintained and managed
Additional licensing will help to improve the health and safety of tenants living in HMOs
Additional licensing will help to identify the poorer performing landlords of HMOs
Additional licensing will help to support good landlords of HMOs

* 6. Please indicate which of the following types of HMOs should be included in a new Additional HMO licensing scheme.

  Included Excluded Don't know
All shared house/flat HMOs e.g. student/professional sharers
Bedsit HMOs
HMOs with resident landlords
Poorly converted flats with more than a third of which are tenanted (Section 257 HMOs)
Temporary accommodation for Homeless, Migrant workers or Asylum seekers
Properties run by Right to Manage companies
Small HMOs  where there are only two flats
Flat type HMOs where there are no common parts

* 7. Would you support the re-introduction of Additional HMO licensing in Hastings?

* 8. If the Council introduces a new Additional HMO licensing scheme, which of the following wards do you think it should cover?

* 9. Which of the following do you think should affect the level of licensing fees charged? (tick any that apply)

* 10. Do you think the Council should give shorter licences where the property does not meet acceptable HMO standards and where the landlord has not agreed to meet the Private Rented Sector Code of Practice.

* 11. Given the different licence periods of 1, 3 and 5 years  and solely on the basis of what information you could provide, would you be likely to apply for

* 12. Do you have any comments about the proposed additional licensing scheme, or any suggestions for conditions that should be included under the scheme?

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