Before I Go Solutions October 2017 Survey (Amended)

Please tell me a little bit about your situation 

* 1. What is the single biggest challenge you have around your own end of life?  
(Please be as detailed and specific as possible, eg 'I'm just not ready to face it yet, it is too scary, although I know I need to' OR 'I'll be leaving a big mess behind if I don't get my affairs in order')

* 2. What of the following do you already have in place?

* 3. If you have not got what you want in place, what is preventing that? (please state what it is you haven't got in place and what has been stopping that happening)

* 4. What would be your preference to help you take care of your end of life plans?

* 5. If I were to run the following courses in 2018, which would make you want to say 'Yes please, sign me up!'

* 6. What of the following do each of your family members have?

  Will POA Advance Directive Funeral organised Don't know

* 7. If you use social media, what do you regularly use?

* 8. Where do you live?

* 9.

Lastly, I may follow up with a few people to learn a bit more about your situation.

If you'd be happy to chat with me for a few minutes (I promise I won't be selling anything!) then please leave your name and email below. (And if you'd like to get notified as to when I write about anything that you have specified, please leave your details below too).

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!