Event Details (for the public)

Details of the organisation holding the event and event itself

* 1. Name of Club/ organisation (will refer to as just 'Club' from now on):

* 2. Club Website address

* 3. Club Facebook page

* 4. Club Twitter account

* 5. Event venue address

* 6. Venue address postcode (Or nearest postcode for mapping purposes- essential requirement please)

* 7. Please confirm the dates that you will be running the event

* 8. Time of your event

Start time on Friday
End time on Friday
Start time on Saturday
End time on Saturday
Start time on Sunday
End time on Sunday

* 9. Minimum age your event will cater for?

* 10. Two free promotional T-shirts will be sent to each Archery GB club signed up before 24 April (only available to Archery GB clubs).  Additional T-shirts can be bought at £6 each- please send a cheque or call Membership Services on 01952 677888 during office hours to pay for additional T-shirts.