1. Training & Competency Management System Market Survey

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100% of survey complete.

Please answer questions honestly based on your organisation's actual situation (not the ideal-scenario).

* 1. How many people do you employ?

* 2. How satisfied are you with your training and development processes?

* 3. What aspects of training and development do you record/capture?

* 4. What systems do you use to record your training and development activity?

* 5. On a scale of 0 to 4 please indicate the effectiveness of your current training and development systems and processes?

* 6. Can you quickly and accurately report on training and development across your organisation?

* 7. How effective is your current Performance Management (Appraisal) process?

  No or Clear weakness Partially or Improvement required Moderate or Improvement required Satisfactory, room for improvement Yes, Best Practice N/A
Do all employees participate?
Do you have different appraisal templates for different roles?
What proportion of appraisals are completed on-time?
Are line-managers trained to deliver effective appraisals?
Are the objectives and development needs followed up?
Is the appraisal system/process embraced and valued by your workforce?
Does the appraisal process add value?
Are you able to report on the outcome of the appraisal process?

* 8. Do you have a robust and standardised approach to identify, develop and retain talent?

* 9. Do you have a system to schedule and manage your training delivery?

* 10. If not done already, would you be interested in finding out more about SkillStation (our pay-as-you-go online training and competency management solution)?  Alternatively, would you like us to contact you to discuss opportunities to help you close any gaps that you've identified?

If so, please provide your name and email address (or contact details) in the additional comments section.