There have been plenty of developments here at the GRU since we last sought feedback on how we are performing and what you think of some of the new developments.  

Our profile as a national capability has grown significantly and the level of enquiries received since 2012 has risen by a staggering 61.5%. This has focused us even more on delivering on our core capability in servicing germplasm curation and dissemination. We put this down to a number of contributing factors such as our new website and new searchable database (SeedStor) coupled with our higher promotion and regular attendance and presence at meetings and events. 

Having redefined our operations we want to do even better and have started serious planning for the next few years and for this we would like feedback and comments from you on how you think we are performing and on some of the options we are considering for the future. 

There are 10 questions in this short survey and boxes for comments. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey as we really want to collect as many reviews and comments as possible to help ensure the GRU continues to develop and respond to our users.

* 1. Please select the category that most closely fits your profile and your location.

* 2. The GRU is a national capability for germplasm resource advice and provision. We'd like to know how you rate our performance on the following.

  Exceptional Very good Average Below Average Poor
Response times
Usefulness of support and advice
Relevance of materials provided
Relevance of information provided
Seed viability
Quantity of seed provided
Did the service meet your expectations

* 3. The GRU website is functioning well with additional content and functionality that is being regularly adding too. What are your views on its content?

  Exceptional Very Good Average Below average Poor
Ease of use
Overall layout
Navigation bars
Growing Demonstrations
Information Resource Videos

* 4. What parts of the GRU website do you find the most useful?

* 5. Our new GRU information system SeedStor ( went live in December 2014 with extended passport, characterisation data and images. The system is being continuous improved with new collections, extended data and new search functions.
What has been your experience of using SeedStor?

  Exceptional Very Good Average Below average Poor
General navigation
Screen layout
Browsing collections
Searching for accessions (free text search)
Searching by passport data
Searching by phenotype
Chart phenotypes
Extracting useful, usable information
Usability on tablets or other portable devices
Shopping cart function

* 6. The GRU is funded as a national capability and accepts the long term responsibility for the curation and distribution for individual lines or whole collections of high strategic importance.
Are there any materials or collections that you would like to initiate ' in confidence' discussions over for which you think the GRU might be an appropriate long term repository?

* 7. There are a number of developments we are considering as part of the GRU future development as a national capability.
What weighting would you give to these?

  Strongly support such a development (high priority) Would support such a development (Medium priority) In two minds but can see the merits (low priority) Not useful at all (very low priority)
DNA request service on GRU germplasm
Community data/ image uploading facility into SeedStor relating to GRU Collections
The GRU hosting versions of SeedStor germplasm management system for third party public germplasm resource collections

* 8. We are continuing to improve the Quality Assurance of our operations and stocks including such things as marker verification of near-isolines, verified wheat precise genetic stocks and individual seed packet Id on all germplasm samples provided.
Would it be helpful to you and your operations if the GRU moved towards some form of accreditation in the future?

* 9. We've increased our attendance at scientific meetings and visits to help us and engage more with our key stakeholder constituencies. How helpful is it for you to be able to interact with GRU team members at the following occasions?

  Extremely helpful Very helpful Helpful Not helpful
Scientific meetings
Cereals events
Breeders days
Schools events
Institute visits

* 10. What's the most important single piece of feedback you have for us?