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Then this course is for you. This introductory course aims to introduce the fundamentals of medical statistics. It would be useful for anyone who wishes to gets to grips with common statistics concepts.
It is expected that at the end of the course the delegate will be fully familiar with the basic statistical concepts.
Please check your availability before booking and note there are only 20 spaces available on this course.

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The cost of this course is £40.
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Module 1 (17th March 2020)

Practical Statistics 1
·         To understand the different types of data (e.g. nominal, ordinal, numeric) and the different types of summary statistics that can be used for each data type.

·         To understand the normal distribution, highlighting its importance in statistics, and statistical inference in particular.

Practical statistics 2

·         To provide an introduction to the two types of statistical inference
    o hypothesis testing and P-values
    o estimation and confidence intervals

·         To assess the relative merit of p-values and confidence intervals.

·         To discuss statistical power, Type I and Type II errors

Module 2

Practical epidemiology 1

·         To understand the difference between sensitivity and specificity

·         How prevalence affects predictive value of a diagnostic test

·         Relation between correlation and causation

Practical epidemiology 2

·         OR, RR, NNT

·         To understand the key elements of a randomized controlled trial

·         To understand the major biases and confounders in RCTs