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Welcome to the Lichfield District Survey 2023

We collated and reviewed over 7000 pieces of feedback from our big TogetherWe survey in 2022.  Your responses have been analysed and they have helped us to further evolve our Lichfield District 2050 strategy into this draft document.

Lichfield District 2050 is the vision of the future that TogetherWe are co-creating with you, our residents and businesses, and we know that by working closely together we will achieve far greater things than we could in isolation. 

We now want further feedback on this next version of the strategy; built from the priorities that you shared with us. 

Please answer as many questions as you feel able.

They are structured under four key themes which have been designed around the priorities that you gave us:
Prosperous Communities.
Green Communities.
Active Communities.
Confident Communities. 

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