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* 1. School or College Name

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* 2. Are you are

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* 3. Year Group

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* 4. Has the seasonal activity helped you think about your future?

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* 5. How has the seasonal activity compared with other similar activities you’ve done before?

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* 6. In relation to the seasonal activity, do you agree with these statements?

  Agree I'm not sure  I disagree
I learnt about a new job

I learnt about a new sector (e.g. banking, healthcare, hospitality)

I would like to meet more volunteers

After hearing from volunteers, I understand more about how the subjects I am studying in school can be useful later in life

The activity has made me want to study harder

The activity helped me learn more information about my options after school

The activity helped me learn more about the different pathways into jobs

After hearing from volunteers, I can make more confident decisions about my future

After hearing from volunteers, I changed my mind about what I want to do in the future

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* 7. What did you learn from the volunteers? (please write at least a sentence or two)

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* 8. What was the best thing about today’s virtual activity?

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* 9. What would make the next virtual activity better?

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