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* 1. What do you like most about Evolution Arts (EA)?

* 2. What is the proposed title of your course/workshop?

* 3. Have you ever run this course/workshop locally before?

* 4. In proposing new courses or workshops for EA, what are the top two things you have generally considered? (Check two boxes.)

* 5. Does your course/workshop require...

* 6. Please give details if you have any of the following which you use regularly for promotional purposes:

* 7. Who are your three main competitors in the local area?

* 8. Please give details of any incentives  you might offer such as tasters, early bird discounts, concessions etc. ?

* 9. What market research have you done in relation to your proposed course/workshop (please give details where possible)?

* 10. Have you ever attended a course or workshop at EA?