Engagement - Accountable Grant & Guidance for Supply Partner Code of Conduct

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

The purpose of this survey is to inform and gather feedback on DFID’s approach to applying and rolling out the Supply Partner Code of Conduct across Accountable Grants and accompanying guidance documents.

The key documents that provide insight into the questions detailed within this survey are as follows:

1.   Supply Partner Code of Conduct
2.   Supply Partner Handbook
3.   Supply Partner Compliance Guidance
4.  Compliance Response Template
5.  Supply Partner Policy and Document Checklist
6.  FAQ

All feedback must be received by 31st October 2018 and will be considered by DFID once the survey has closed.

Within any narrative feedback, please identify the document and the page number of  the paragraph to which you are referring wherever possible.

 If you have any problems completing this survey or would like a pdf copy, please contact T-Tulloch@dfid.gov.uk.