Welcome to the survey

Hello everyone,
It feels like we are at watershed moment for housing and, importantly, for our profession. And the importance of professionalism – a blend of knowledge, skills and behaviours supported by a strong ethical framework - was a specific theme in the Government’s social housing green paper which was published in the summer.

CIH is here to support housing professionals as they work to make sure that everyone has a place to call home. And, as a membership body, it’s vital that what we offer reflects what you want and need from us. The Rethinking Membership project aims to reimagine the way we connect with and support CIH members in their local area and we are doing this through a combination of workshops and an online survey. Whether you’re a member, former member or have never been member of CIH, this is your chance to tell us what you need and what you think we should do to make it happen.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing – and acting on – the results.

Terrie Alafat CBE
Chief Executive CIH