* 1. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is very poor and 10 excellent, how would you rate your satisfaction with ice.org.uk?

* 2. How likely is it that you would recommend ice.org.uk to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 3. How well does ice.org.uk meet your expectations?

* 4. Were you able to accomplish what you wanted on the site today?

* 5. What can we do to improve your experience with ice.org.uk?

* 6. How much do you agree/disagree with the following statements?

  Agree strongly Agree somewhat Neither agree nor disagree Disagree somewhat Disagree strongly N/A
Ice.org.uk is well organized
There were enough options available for navigating
The information was thorough
The information was understandable
The information was accurate and up-to-date
The information was easy to sort by criteria that was important to me
The site was visually appealing
The site offers a good balance of graphics and text
The site’s search function returns useful results
Pages loaded quickly

* 7. What is your primary reason for visiting ice.org.uk today?

* 8. How would you describe your navigation experience on ice.org.uk today?

* 9. How likely are you to return to ice.org.uk in the next 30 days?

* 10. Are you an ICE member?

* 11. How frequently do you visit ice.org.uk?

* 12. What is your gender?

* 13. What is your age?