How Forest School can impact upon children's creative development.

I am currently a year 3 student in Cardiff Metropolitan University studying Education Studies and Early Childhood Studies. For my dissertation I am looking into practitioners perspectives of how the Forest School Program can impact upon Children's creative development. I would be really grateful it if you could take the time out to complete the questionnaire as part of my methods to collect data. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my research. My email address is Thank you. Francesca Cosslett

* 1. How long have you been involved with Forest Schools?

* 2. What level of training have you completed in regards to Forest School?

* 3. Explain briefly your experiences that you have had with Forest School (For example, how many schools have you worked in carrying out Forest School? For how long?)

* 4. To what extent do you consider creative development when planning for Forest School sessions?

* 5. What specific methods do you use within Forest School in order to promote creative development?

* 6. Can you please write an example of one activity/session you have done that specifically promoted creative development.

* 7. Do you see a noticeable change in children regarding their creative development at the end of the Forest School programme compared to when they first started? Please expand on this question.

* 8. Overall, to what extent do you perceive Forest School sessions to have an impact upon children's creative development?