* 1. What year group is your daughter in?

* 2. What is your daughter's name?

* 3. Did you attend the information session about the Life after Levels changes in Summer 2016?

* 4. Have you found the information on the reporting system easy to ...

  Very Easy Easy Reasonable Not easy Difficult
helpful for gauging your daughter's progress?

* 5. Have you used the information and guidance on the school website?

* 6. Have you encountered any IT access issues?

* 7. If so, were issues resolved to your satisfaction?

* 8. Have you viewed your daughter's reports on line?

* 9. Do you find it easy to judge your daughter's progress relative to her ability level?

* 10. Do you find the Key Concepts for each subject helpful in understanding your daughter's learning?

* 11. Have you found the new format helpful when discussing your daughter's progress with her? Please comment.

* 12. Overall, do you feel that the changes to KS3 assessment and reporting has helped your daughter focus more on her learning?

* 13. Do you have any other comments?

* 14. In 2017/18, we intend to run Parental Information Evenings about 'How we learn'. This is to share evidence based information that is transforming our approach to quality teaching and learning at Beverley High School, i.e. How memory works, facts vs skills, improving self-learning, etc.
Might you be interested in attending one of these events?