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Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is important and should only take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete. We would appreciate if one survey was returned per telemetry site/organisation, to avoid duplication in answers. You can track your progress through the bar at the bottom of the page.

In 2015, the NC3Rs and the Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) conducted a survey into the housing practices of non-rodents during cardiovascular telemetry studies (Safety Pharmacology stand-alone studies and incorporated end-points in toxicology studies). These results were published in 2016 and the aim of this follow-up survey is to:

1) assess the implementation of social-housing during recordings across the industry,
2) identify the remaining barriers to adoption, and
3) identify further opportunities for sharing/learning of experiences.  

All data collected in this survey will be treated in strict confidence and made anonymous. NC3Rs data management policy is available on request. Please answer as many questions as possible with as much information as possible.
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