Help Newbald Parish Council Make Some Important Decisions about a Proposed Garden of Remembrance

Newbald Parish Council has long been considering creating a Garden of Remembrance in the cemetery (on the A1034) and indeed has reported on this before in previous newsletters.

However, opinion is much divided among Members of the Council as to what form it should take and some question whether it is a good use of tax payers’ money at all.

The Parish Council has therefore decided to consult with the village about this to find out how much you would like us to spend and what type of Garden of Remembrance you would like to see in the cemetery.

We would therefore be very grateful if you would take the time to complete the short survey below.  

To give this some context, it is important to know that the option to bury cremated remains already exists in the Churchyard in a specially designated area. Also, in the cemetery, some families have chosen to purchase full graves to bury cremated remains. Although this is more expensive than purchasing a small plot in a Garden of Remembrance would be, it means that in the future, other family members could be buried in the same plot.

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* 1. I would prefer the Parish Council to spend the following amount on a Garden of Remembrance

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* 2. If a Garden of Remembrance is to be created, would you prefer the cremated remains to be stored underground or above ground in some kind of columbarium? (A columbarium is structure with niches for the storage of ashes. If you would like to see some examples, click here).

If ashes are stored underground, the disadvantage is that they cannot be moved, without applying to the authorities for an official exhumation. (They are treated the same as if they are a body). 

If they are stored above ground, you would effectively be renting space and the cremated remains could be taken with you if you decided to move to another area. This is the more modern approach to storing cremated remains and is becoming increasing popular.

I would prefer the Garden of Remembrance to be one where cremated remains are

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* 3. The Parish Council has considered many alternative options for a Garden of Remembrance. Please indicate which of the following you would like (tick as many as you like):

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* 4. If it came to a choice between sticking to the budget you chose in Question 1 and the type of Garden of Remembrance you indicated in Question 3, which would be more important to you?