The Reason for this Study:
The 2020s is an era when global challenges, new information technologies and working practices are changing how all business is conducted. The purpose of this 10-minute survey is to establish how new technologies are impacting organisations like yours. The impacts can be very positive when an organisation is successful at adapting to multiple change, or negative because it's competitors are better at doing so. Success is important because it can mean lower costs, more customers, as well as gaining insights that aid better decision making and outstanding business performance.
Many of these technologies, such as Cloud, Robotics, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Mobile, 3D Printing, IoT, and others, are complex and disruptive. Using them effectively can mean making changes to current skills and working practices. Therefore, in section 2 we are asking you for your views on how this could happen in your business.    
You will receive an immediate 'Digital Readiness' score at the end of the survey. Shortly after an e-mail with a more detailed analysis of key transformation competencies will be e-mailed to the address you enter below.

NOTE: All personal information and data is kept strictly confidential and only used for research purposes. Anonymous responses are used to benchmark or compare your organisation with others of a similar Industry, Size, or Location. The results can be invaluable to you in identifying strengths & weaknesses,  shaping new strategies and identifying best practices.  We have been running business benchmarking studies since 1999 and adhere to UK Data Protection and GDPR regulations. 

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