Best New ISP Award

For internet services providers that started offering internet services in the last two years (after January 2018). Please note that you must have been providing services to customers for at since January 2018.

Entrants must be an ISP that started their business after January 2018.

Judging criteria:

- Price and value for money

- Installation costs

- Geographical availability

- Reliability and SLAs

- Broadband speeds - upload and download

- Investment and innovation in networks

- Packages available

- Flexibility and responsiveness to businesses needs

- Value added services for businesses (disaster recovery, hosting, VoIP etc)

- Account management and support for businesses

- Data usage allowance

- Cyber security protection

- IP address provision

- Availability of technologies (eg: FTTC, FTTP, ethernet leased lines)

- Environmental/sustainability policy

- Technical innovation

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the following:

Question Title

* 2. Which area does your service cover, please use the area code where possible.

Question Title

* 3. How does your broadband service and packages offer value for money? (50 words)

Question Title

* 4. Does your service offer better speed in your serviced area? How did it improve? (50 words)

Question Title

* 5. What distinguishes your products and services from that of your competitors? (50 words)

Question Title

* 6. What investment and innovation have you made? (50 words)

Question Title

* 7. How has your customer base developed since you started? (50 words)

Question Title

* 8. How do you ensure a resilient and reliable service? (50 words)

Question Title

* 9. What are the key features of your customer service and technical support?(50 words)