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To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Douai Society, we're creating a special anniversary edition of the Douai Magazine. As part of this, we'd like to include the life story of every Old Boy as a record of their achievements.

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* 2. Years at Douai

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* 3. Please tell us what you've been up to since leaving school (max. 1,500 words)

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* 4. Are you a member of the Douai Society? 

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Information you submit in this questionnaire may be reproduced in the special Anniversary Magazine, which will be distributed in hard copy form to members of the Society, former pupils of Douai School and select others with a connection to Douai Abbey and Douai School. It may also be published on the Douai Society's website.

The Douai Society Privacy Notice can be found here:


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* 6. If you wish, you can let us have your email address.

This may be shared in a secure online or hard copy directory, which will only be accessible to members of the Douai Society and former pupils of Douai School.

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