Think Tank: What is the future of mailroom management? 

Think Tank: What is the future of mailroom management? 

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* 1. Processing and distributing physical mail has always been a slow, labour-intensive process prone to error. But as offices and the people working in them adapt to new technologies, the back-end operations of big companies - such as office mailrooms - are ripe for disruption. 

Mailroom management is a service that companies can also outsource, like other soft services. Specialists in mailroom services even offer the market new technological solutions including 'intelligent lockers' which allow for around-the-clock package pickup, to drive down wait times.

Despite this, the result of new technologies has also meant an increasing number of company mailrooms are discovering they don't have the resources, the technology or the experience to support wider business objectives. 

So for this month’s Think Tank we ask: are you increasingly using technology and digitising your company's mailrooms? 

If you have any extra comments please email our news editor, Herpreet Kaur Grewal, on or use the box below, using the following questions as a guide: are you finding it easier to outsource these services? How is this fitting in with business objectives?  How have mailroom staff/the facilities manager fitted into a new type of mailroom management?