We need your help - NCS 2020 LDP Information 

We are in the process of information gathering to support our bid for the 2020 contract. We are gathering as much information as possible from our supply chain (including regions outside YH1)  to develop a comprehensive picture of local knowledge and impact. This as I’m sure you can imagine is a vital piece of work and one we need your support with. Here’s how you can help:

The survey needs completing by Friday 30th November 2018.

Examples from other projects you are working on should be included

If you have any further questions please contact either Charlotte Dinsdale for YH1 - 07436 562213 or Matt Handley for subcontracting regions - 07436 805287. Thank you in advance for supplying this. The better the information we get, the stronger the bid we can submit. 


*Please send any supporting photos and supporting information to:

· for YH1

· for Subcontracting Regions

· for marketing and YP case studies