Finding Clarity in Performance

TLSU have secured £9,700 of funding from The National Lottery through ‘Awards For All’ to launch a pilot project to support the health and wellbeing of student performers at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

It will be run by practitioners Nick Bottini and Robin Lockhart. The project aims to help 15 students have an easier relationship with performance through achieving a simpler relationship with their own headspace. Students from every faculty and any year are welcome to apply to join the project. It will involve an initial taster day, three day-long workshops as well as two smaller group sessions and individual support and coaching.
What follows are some questions to see if this project is something that would benefit you. The questions have been written by Nick and Robin who will be running the project. Please feel free to answer in as much detail as you like, we will make sure all responses remain confidential and will only be reviewed by Nick, Robin and the TLSU sabbatical team.

* 1. What is your Name?

* 2. What is your Year, Faculty and Instrument (if applicable)
e.g. BA Y1 Dance or, MMus Y2 Flute

* 3. What is the best way to contact you about this project?
Please provide and email or phone number.

* 4. What’s the number one... 
- goal you could achieve or
- problem you could solve  or
- change you could make, 
that you perceive would have the biggest positive impact on your career?

* 5. How is it that you haven’t achieved that goal / solved that problem / made that change until now?

* 6. How will you know that your participation in this programme has been an outrageous success?

What will you see, hear and feel that will let you know you’ve accomplished what you wanted to?

* 7. With reference to question 6, what do you already know to do to make this happen that you are not yet doing?

* 8. What have you been perceiving as your biggest challenges until now?

* 9. What have you been perceiving as the biggest drains on your energy?

* 10. What's your preferred "barrier to progress?”

For example, one of mine is trying to make the perfect plan for creating something or making it happen rather than just taking action.

What is yours?

* 11. When do you feel the most inspired in your life and your work?

* 12. If you were operating to your full potential, what would you be doing?

* 13. This programme is about helping you find a clear headspace in your practice, performance and wider life to achieve more of what you want to achieve.

What specifically attracts you to apply?

* 14. Finally, the group workshops take place on 26th April, and 14th, 15th & 16th May.

Two smaller group sessions will be arranged with you.

Are you available to commit to attend all of these?