The purpose of this exercise is to provide information about our work  through the eyes of those that use our services  and is
intended to help inform our further development. All survey results will be received anonymously.

1. Please insert the date of your  last appointment, if you can't remember please leave blank:


2. How easy do you find it to get through to your surgery by phone?

3. How helpful do you find the receptionists at your surgery?

4. How was your experience of making an appointment?

5. Were you last seen by a GP, Nurse or Health Care Assistant (HCA)?

6. How good was the person you saw at your last appointment at each of the following? Please tick one box in each line.

  Poor Less than satisfactory Satisfactory Good Very good Does nor apply
Being Polite
Making you feel at easy
Listening to you
Assessing your medical condition
Explaining your condition and treatment
Involving you in decisions about your treatment
Providing or arranging treatment for you

7. Please decide how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statement:
This GP Surgery will keep information about me confidential

8. Would you recommend this surgery to someone new to the area?

9. Please add any further comments you want to make about our services:

Please note: No patients will be identified when we receive this information.