Have Your Say, Closing Date is 6 June

NetworkRail are going to build an extra entrance on Windsor Walk to serve people going to the hospitals and those going to the middle of Camberwell. Yes, good news! They are including a plinth that we can customise with a sculpture or something that would make us all feel proud, or make us smile. The plinth is big, it is over 7metres long and over a metre wide, you will pass by it each time you use the entrance. We at www.Camberwell.life would like to ask you to endorse our chosen theme for the piece, or suggest something else. We will then ask artists to come up with some ideas for the piece. The chosen artist will then be asking people again about some of the details for the piece.

The theme we have selected is Health & Wellbeing, we have already asked some important local organisations and they are all in support. Now it is your chance to say.

Will my vote count? Yes, if you like the theme it will add weight to our application for funding, if you suggest something else then we will think about ways we can incorporate your idea into the piece, if appropriate.

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* 1. Do you like the theme of Health & Wellbeing? Please tick whichever box most reflects your view:

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We will keep your information safe and only use it to contact you in regard to this art piece. When the piece is complete we will delete your details.