MS-UK is planning to launch a new counselling service in 2017, but we need your help to make it as relevant as possible for people affected by multiple sclerosis. By taking this short survey, you will be helping us shape this service for the future.

It’s important that we learn about what has and hasn’t worked for people in the past and what it is that people with MS really need. 

Your feedback will remain anonymous unless you tell us that you are willing to be named, and we will never sell your information on or share it with a third party.

* 1. Have you ever received counselling in relation to your MS?

* 2. At what stage of your MS journey did you need it the most / or would have liked / like to have counselling?

* 3. What kind of counselling did you receive?

* 4. How many sessions did you have / would you like?

* 5. Were you / would you be happy to pay for counselling sessions?

* 6. How much did you / would pay?

* 7. Would you access telephone counselling if it was available through MS-UK?

* 8. Do you think we should be providing face to face counselling?

* 9. Would you prefer to call to request counselling or complete a form online?

* 10. If you would like to discuss this further with us please complete your name and contact details below:

Thank you for taking the time to help us!