British Naturism and The School of Psychotherapy and Psychology Regent’s University London

Be Naked Day study

Thank you for taking an interest in BND event. We would like to ask you a few questions about what you think and would appreciate a few minutes of your time.

Please read the detailed description of the study below and press next at the bottom once you are ready to begin.
INVESTIGATOR:  This study is conducted by Dr Marina Rachitskiy. This is a collaboration between the School of Psychotherapy and Psychology at Regents University London and British Naturism.

INVITATION: You are invited to participate in a study that explores the experiences of people engaging in the Be Naked Day event. The study aims to gain better understanding about the individuals interested in the event and the impact it may have.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: Once you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete a set of questions regarding your demographics, perceptions of self, and previous experience with such events. At the end of the study you will be provided with further information regarding the study and contact details if you would like to know more.

TIME COMMITMENT: The study usually takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. However, there are no time restrictions, so you may take as long as you wish.

PARTICIPANTS’ RIGHTS: Participation in this research study is completely voluntary. Even after you agree to participate and begin the study, you are still free to withdraw at any time without having to give a reason. There are no right or wrong answers and you may refuse to answer questions if you do not wish to.

BENEFITS AND RISKS/DISCOMFORT: There are no known benefits or risks for you in this study. However, this study will benefit the academic community by advancing understanding regarding the impact of such events. It will further benefit British Naturism with ensuring that their activities and priorities are better tailored for those interested in them and to understand more about what people in general think about naturism as part of their lifestyle.

COST, REIMBURSEMENT AND COMPENSATION: Your participation in this study is voluntary. You will receive no remuneration in return for your participation.

CONFIDENTIALITY/ANONYMITY: All data you provide will remain confidential and only the researchers of this study and British Naturism will have access to it. You will be asked to provide your email, but you are under no obligation to do so and you will be able to choose for what purposes it may be used. Your email will be kept secure and will never be shared with third parties. If published, no one will link the data you have provided to the identifying information you have supplied. The survey is encrypted with SSL/TLS for enhanced security and confidentiality..

FURTHER INFORMATION: If you have any further questions or concerns, Dr Marina Rachitskiy will gladly answer your questions regarding this study at any time. You may contact her at