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Computer Based methods as a means of intervention uses technology in a form that will provide the user with an interactive, multisensory learning experience. It is also known as computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and is used to ‘’present information, allow the user to practice certain skills or to test knowledge or comprehension.” (Springer Link- Computer-Based Intervention Assistive Technology)
This is an overview of what Computer Based Intervention is and how it can be used.

* 1. Do you think using a technical medium is a safe place for your son/daughter to practice in areas of deficit such as discriminating facial expressions and recognising emotions in others?

* 2. Does your son/daughter use technology?

* 3. How long does your son/daughter spend using technology on a daily basis?

* 4. Have you noticed any effects, positive and/or negative from your son/daughter using technology?

* 5. Does your son/daughter become more responsive having used technology?

* 6. Are you aware of any Computer Based Intervention programmes?

* 7. Would you ever consider using Computer Based Intervention as a means of therapy for your son/daughter?

* 8. Could you ever see Computer Based Intervention improving the core communication deficits of your son/daughter?

* 9. Do you think there should be more emphasis on Computer Based Intervention?

* 10. Should computer based intervention be administered alongside physical therapy?