Building a wordcloud to help define the future of the Carriageworks

The Carriageworks redevelopment, once finished, will have 200+ people living and working on the site. Over time it will develop its own character and culture and that in turn will influence the culture of Stokes Croft and all the surrounding communities. We want to find out what you think the culture of the redeveloped site should be like.

At the end of May we'll combine all the answers into a single wordcloud and send it to PG Group, the developers, and their cultural consultants Willis Newson.

Thanks for your contributions.

The Carriageworks Action Group Liaison Group

Question Title

* 1. What do you think the Carriageworks should be like in the future? What sort of culture will it have? What will be happening on the site that will appeal to residents, workers, neighbours and visitors? Include everything that will make a full and rounded life for everyone.