Have you recently lost a loved one?
This questionnaire is about the care and services received by you and your friend/relative in the last months of their life. We are interested in finding out the experiences of all people who have died. Your views are, therefore, important to us.

We realise this questionnaire may bring back strong memories. If you feel upset or distressed, you do not have to continue with the questionnaire and can stop at any time.

HWLincs are working with NHS Lincolnshire to improve the experiences of people and those around them as they receive end-of-life care. By telling us your story, our health and care services can positively shape the end-of-life services within the county.

Your feedback will improve future services leaving a legacy that could change the future.


Who are HWLincs?

HWLincs is an independent people-first charity dedicated to improving wellbeing and influencing positive change through our work. We undertake work on behalf of the NHS and service providers to provide them with an independent view of patients’ experience.

For more information about us please see our website or contact us using the details below.

Website: HWLincs

Email: enquiries@hwlincs.co.uk

Phone: 01205 820892 

This questionnaire utilises the questions from the Views of Informal Carers – Evaluation of Services (VOICES) and discusses all aspects of an individuals care before they died and how you were supported after their death.

All provided answers remain anonymous and will never identify you or your family to your community care team or GP practice.

The survey has 71 number of questions should take around 35 minutes to complete.

Closing Date for this survey is 31st July 2022