This is your chance to celebrate and recognise your favourite gear

Making images and videos is not all about kit. But then, without innovation and manufacturers investing millions into research and development, our photographic lives would not be as creative, fun or productive as they are.

Now, we have cameras that focus on moving cars, or the eyes of flying birds. We can shoot at silly ISO speeds and get excellent results, and rattle through many fps while the camera tracks exposure. Fans of resolution can access 102-megapixel cameras. All this wonderful tech pushes creative horizons further, and while not everyone needs it, many do.

Our awards celebrate great kit, and the winners are voted for by you: the readers of Photography News.

Voting closes 5 January 2022. You can vote in every category, but if you prefer to vote for just a few categories that is perfectly fine, too. It’s entirely up to you – and thank you in advance for your support.

And the fun doesn't stop there – once you've voted, you'll have the chance to enter our prize draw!
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