March 20th 2018

Presenter: Dr Dan Soule (Grammatology)
Based on practical activities the workshop aims at providing structure, advice and motivation through writing a paper for publication. The workshop series takes an intensive but intellectually supportive approach, drawing on research into academic writing, evidenced in the education and linguistic literature. In addition, participants will learn more about the process of research writing. The sessions will cover:

§  Targeting a journal

§  Planning and editing techniques

§  Understanding the writing process

§  Breaking down the structure of papers to generate writing goals

§  Overcoming the difficulties in writing research

§  Techniques for being an effective writer

Mode of delivery: This is a workshop style event, requiring participants to work individually and in small groups, as well as to occasionally contribute to whole group discussions. Workshops are interactive and based on experiential and reflective learning models. The content is evidence based, drawing on linguistics, sociology and education research on research writing. All activities are practical and directly relevant to writing a research paper.

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