Welcome to the State of Flux 2020 Supplier Management Survey. Thank you for your time and participation.

Who is the survey aimed at?

The survey should be completed by those with an involvement in supplier management from the buy side perspective.

What will the information gathered be used for?

The report
The data collected will be used to create an understanding of the nature and maturity of SRM practice across participating global companies and enable a reflection on benefits, challenges and trends. The report is available free of charge to all participants.

Maturity and benchmark analysis
Following the collation of responses we will be able to offer you a maturity and benchmark analysis based on your responses when compared to our best practice model and other respondents. Please note that this is provided free of charge.

Confidentiality and use of data

Please be assured your responses will remain confidential and only used for the purpose of compiling the report. No reference to your company will appear in the report without your express permission.

Over 12 years of conducting this research it’s never been more important to understand how supplier relationship management is helping to mitigate current supply chain challenges. We really appreciate you being prepared to help us to understand and share key learning by participating in this year’s research.

Thank you for your time and contribution.

Kind regards,
Alan Day Chairman and Founder
State of Flux