Revenue Control - Market Review 2019/20

Thanks in advance for your help in contributing to this survey, the purpose of which is to provide some detailed analysis and commentary on the set up, challenges, evolution and performance of Revenue Control/Working Capital functions across the legal sector in the UK. This being the second annual survey, will also allow us to track and review year on year changes. 

Revenue Control has once again been one of the busiest area for hiring across the legal finance function during the past 12 months, with significant change and evolution of teams and responsibilities. 2018 saw a notable increase in US firms hiring for Revenue Controllers, which has continued for 2019, whilst we've also seen many UK firms further strengthening their teams. 

The survey should take around 4-6 minutes to complete and we're sure the results will provide you with some interesting reading once published! 

Please note - this survey is entirely confidential and anonymous. We do not need your name or employer details, and information supplied will be used solely for compiling market trend information. Data will be held electronically on a secure server and will not be passed to any third party.

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