Knowledge Network UK is a learning, knowledge sharing and networking group for those working in KM in law firms and other professional services. You can find out more about it here
In order to continue to improve KN-UK for 2017 and make sure that it serves as wide an audience as possible and provides great value for money, I would be grateful if you would answer a few questions to help me understand which topics you would find useful and how else the group could develop.

Your answers will be anonymous and confidential.

* 1. How would you characterise your main role? Tick as many as apply.

* 2. What city are you in/near?

* 3. Have you attended a Knowledge Network event before?

* 4. What stops you coming to a KN-UK event?

* 5. Which of the following topics would interest you?

  1 - not interested 2 3 - neutral 4 5 - really interested
Developing business cases
Presentations from IT suppliers
Report writing skills
Using LinkedIn/Twitter/blogs
New "CPD" - continuous competence regime
Improving sharing of tacit knowledge
Reward and recognition schemes
Presentation skills
Understanding lawyers better, to work with them more effectively
Innovation and creativity
Measuring return on investment
Developing KM strategies (departmental and whole firm)
New ideas for understanding customer engagement/feedback
Social media for knowledge sharing
Intranet design
Search and/or know how databases
KM theory and practice - basics
Change management
Automated document assembly
KM theory and practice - hot current topics
Extranets and KM for clients
Knowledge-based marketing
Trial, test, learn - iterative improvements
Improving communication, in particular with the C-Suite/Executive Board
Understanding how KM works in other sectors
Knowledge mapping
Process mapping
Understanding how KM teams/hierarchies/roles work
Social media for marketing
Personal Knowledge Management and Snowden's theories
"Bring a problem" workshop
Topics relating to learning and training
Impact of cloud computing
Process (Lean, Kaizen, 6 sigma or similar)
Effecting cultural changes/working with different organisations' cultures
Understanding how clients see KM in law firms
Improving knowledge sharing through conversation
Project Management/LPM
Artifical intelligence

* 6. What types of presenter would you like to hear from?

  1 - not interested 2 3 - neutral 4 5 - really interested
Academics or similar
Senior managers from legal sector
KMers from other sectors
Members of the group
KMers from legal sector
Senior managers from other businesses
KM practitioners/experts
Fee earners/users talking about their needs

* 7. Would you be interested in an "alternative" KM conference?

* 8. All events will need to be practical/useful, but what kinds of events do you enjoy?

  1 - not interested 2 3 - neutral 4 5 - really interested
Case studies/sharing experiences
Explaining application of useful theories
General information gathering about what everyone else is doing
Events where I don't have to speak in public
Events with a lot of interaction and discussion
Keeping abreast of hot topics

* 9. Would you be interested in coming to an event with a larger single fee for a particular (famous) presenter? Currently all events are included in £250 annual pass or single tickets are available at £95/£100

* 10. What is your organisation's biggest challenge for 2017? (whether KM related or not)

* 11. What is your biggest personal KM/work challenge for 2017?

* 12. What other additional services would you find valuable from KN-UK?

  1 - not interested 2 3 - neutral 4 5 - really interested
Negotiated discounts for annual members from reliable suppliers (if this proves possible)
Video-linked meetings (to annual members in different towns)
Research link-ups with local Universities (if possible)
An annual survey of IT/KM priorities/other
A list of names/roles/email addresses of all members (subject to their consent)
Our own "experts database"
Online training on KM topics
White papers/articles on topics of interest
Separate online discussion/forum area purely for annual members (different to LinkedIn group)
Ability to attend meetings at different locations for annual members
Surveys of best practice relating to KM implementation

* 13. What other additional services would you find valuable from KN-UK even it meant an increase (say £25-50) in the annual fee? The annual fee is currently £250.

  1 - not interested 2 3 - neutral 4 5 - really interested
Greater discount for buying additional tickets to events
Online training on KM topics
Additional White papers/articles on topics of interest
Lunch provided at the training events

* 14. Would you attend a KN-UK if it was in a different town? If so, where?

* 15. Can you suggest someone suitable to present to the group on a topic?

* 16. Do you have any more ideas to improve KN-UK?

* 17. Is there anyway KN-UK could change which would persuade you/those similar to you to join?