Research Survey 2017

11% of survey complete.

Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) works to create an entrepreneurial environment where women-led businesses can flourish and grow. At WES, we inspire and support women to start their own businesses -  and grow them too. We advise and educate external partners, and advocate for gender-specific enterprise support. We seek to increase awareness of the additional £7bn economic contribution which could be made to Scotland's bank balance if more women were assisted to start up and grow their business.  We also champion women’s enterprise in the media, in Scottish society, and across the wider world.

Why we are conducting this survey

The Scottish Government has commissioned Women’s Enterprise Scotland to conduct a small piece of research into the current support system for women in business in Scotland. The research will look at the support environment before setting up, during setting up and while in the process of running your business.   WES needs your views so that we can report on what is currently working for women, what isn’t, and what improvements you would like to see in the business support environment.

As well as representing your views, the final research report will make recommendations on how enterprise support can best be delivered for women-led businesses – from micro businesses to high growth companies.

We see this as a vital opportunity to put forward our case for an improved environment for the development and growth of women owned businesses in Scotland, and the services which are there to support them.

We would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer the following questions. Please be as honest as you can – all responses are anonymous.

We would estimate that this survey should take around 15-20 minutes to complete. We will, of course, share the final report with you, once released by the Scottish Government.

Thank you for participating and ensuring women's voices are heard.

* 1. Where is your business located?

* 2. What is the legal status of your business?

* 3. Information about your business

* 4. What is your current annual turnover?

* 5. What percentage increase in turnover are you projecting in three years?

* 6. How old is your business?

* 7. In which sector does your business trade?

* 8. What is the age range of the business owners?