* 1. Are you aware of national legislation concerning the prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector (introduced to transpose Directive 2010/32/EU) effective from 2013?

* 2. Have you revised your sharps injuries prevention policy since 2013 as a result of national legislation and guidance?

* 3. Is specific training provided on the risks associated with blood borne infections, the prevention of sharps injuries, the correct use of medical devices incorporating sharps protection mechanisms and the reporting of sharps injuries, including actions to be taken following an injury?

* 4. Are risk assessments undertaken for all activities where there is a potential exposure to a medical sharp?

* 5. Where the results of the risk assessment reveal a risk of injuries with a sharp and/or infection are the risks eliminated or reduced to the extent practicable, such as with the elimination of unnecessary sharps usage and the provision of safety engineered medical devices? 

* 6. Are staff instructed to use safety engineered medical devices wherever possible?

* 7. Do all of the above measures equally apply in situations where your organisation utilises self-employed, contract and agency staff?

* 8. For devices that incorporate a needle or other sharp, used in the period defined below, what percentage incorporated safety mechanism to prevent exposure to the used sharp?

* 9. For devices that incorporate a needle or other sharp in 2015 what percentage incorporated safety mechanism in the following categories of devices?

* 10. Please indicate which type of workplaces are included in or represented by your organisation?

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