Thank you for your interest in the annual CME survey run by European CME Forum. Your input will help us to make the most of a unique opportunity in international CME at the upcoming 14th European CME Forum (#14ECF). The meeting will take place as a Virtual meeting. Visit for more details.

European CME Forum meetings are highly interactive, with a lot of engagement between the faculty and delegates, however, in order to help make this work, we need to know what motivates our CME community and the questions that are on everyone's minds. With your input we can help guide the workshop leaders, session chairs, speakers and panellists to address the issues that we as a CME community consider to be the issues of highest importance.

There are nine questions over three pages. A few questions are marked with an asterisk (*) and are mandatory. When answering, please imagine yourself in the European/global CME setting, and consider what you believe to be best practice in CME. We tweak the questions each year to keep them relevant yet consistent enough so that we can analyse and publish the results.

We are preparing an analysis of the annual CME surveys up until 2019 for publication in in Journal of European CME JECME

This survey should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. And as a token of our appreciation we will offer you a special discount code should you wish to register for this year's meeting -- details on the last page.