Welcome to the National Deaf Children's Society Deaf Children Today survey

We’re starting to set our new direction for the next five years and want to achieve even more for deaf young people. Join thousands of parents who have taken our annual survey and tell us what your child needs next. You could also win a £100 Amazon voucher for being involved!

This survey is open to all parents, guardians and carers of deaf children and young people aged 0 to 25 in the UK – including those with a temporary hearing loss, mild hearing loss or a hearing loss in one ear.

If you would like to take this survey in British Sign Language, please click here.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you have more than one deaf child, please answer about just one of them, and if you have time, do come back and fill out a survey for each one. We’d love this survey to represent all deaf children across the UK.

By taking this survey you're consenting to us using your responses for analysis and reporting, to help improve services for deaf children. All responses will be kept anonymous, and we'll make sure we share the results with you.

Please answer the questions reflecting on your experiences over the last year.

Thank you so much for taking part!