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Take the stress out of event planning

Do you plan fundraisers, conferences, parties, or weddings? Whether casual or fancy, business or personal, you know it takes a lot of work. There’s the venue to book, speakers or entertainment to coordinate, and RSVPs to gather. Surveys make it easy to obtain the information you need—both before and after your event. Ensure that everyone has a great time and that each event you plan is better than the previous one.

Easily plan your events

From gathering RSVPs to checking on your attendee’s availability, surveys are a simple way to get the information you want. Our paid plans also include easy ways to download your response data so you can also utilise it other applications too.

Evaluate every event and conference you host

After you’ve run your event or conference it’s important to know what went well and what could be improved for next time. Sending out a succinct event evaluation survey will give you all the insights you need to deliver successful events over time. Use our expert-certified templates or customise questions to be as specific as you like.

Better understand your donors

For fundraising efforts, surveys can help you better understand your donors and what makes them tick. If you’re part of a Not for Profit or charity organisation, surveys are the best way to make sure your events are inspiring donors, so you can meet your fundraising goals.

5 tips for successful event surveys

After your event, send a survey to see what attendees thought of the menu, speakers, and more, so that you can improve.

1. Send your post-event survey right away

As time goes by, the details of an event you held may become a little hazy. You’ll want to know exactly what your guests liked, what they didn’t like and what they’d like to see next time, so get their responses while the event is still fresh in their memory.

2. Be specific

If you had several entertainment acts throughout your event, a question like, “Did you like the entertainment?” may be difficult to answer. Your attendees may have loved one act, but loathed another. Ask about specific entertainers (or food dishes or presenters) and you’ll have a better idea what to do for your next event.

3. Make it anonymous

Unless you’re asking for contact information, make sure that you let your guests know their event survey answers are 100% anonymous. In order to gain the optimum insight, you need to make sure that they feel comfortable complimenting (and criticising) the event.

4. Choose incentives wisely

Incentivising people to respond to your survey can be a good idea, but if you offer everybody a reward, attendees may rush through your survey without giving thoughtful responses. A good way to obtain high-quality answers is to offer your attendees a way to enter a raffle for a prize that would appeal to most of them.

5. Consider your data in context

Comparing your event feedback survey data with event data from others is a great way to understand your performance. For example, if 67% of your attendees say they’d recommend your event to others, how do you know whether that’s good or bad? When you use our General Event SurveyMonkey Template, you can see your data in context by comparing your survey results against our industry benchmarks for attendee satisfaction.

Event survey templates and examples

Ask attendees to give live feedback during an event to make adjustments in real time, ensuring their satisfaction. Our event survey templates are written by experts to save you time and provide you with reliable, actionable data.


General event feedback survey template

Measure attendee satisfaction with this post-event feedback survey, designed in partnership with experts at Eventbrite.

Preview Template


Professional event feedback survey template

Ask attendees if sessions were informative, how you could improve your event and whether they’re likely to attend again.

Preview Template


Event planning survey template

Send this template to invitees before your event to collect RSVPs and tailor your event based on attendee preferences.

Preview Template

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3 quick tips to improve survey response rates

Here are some ideas to ensure that respondents will answer your surveys.

1. Be quick

If your survey is short and sweet, there's a greater chance that more respondents will complete it.

2. Offer incentives

Little incentives like small discount or an entry into a drawing can help ensure respondents complete your survey.

3. Buy a targeted audience

With SurveyMonkey Audience, you can purchase access to an audience who meets specific demographic criteria for your survey. It's a great way to get targeted responses from a specific group.

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