Twitter Survey Template

Expert template imageIf you want to launch a successful marketing campaign on Twitter, send a survey to understand user trends. The expert-certified Twitter template gives you the information you need to maximise your investment in this popular social networking site. See how much time people spend on Twitter, both in posting their own tweets and reading other people’s feeds.

What’s in the Twitter Survey Template?

This survey template will give you a better understanding of how people use Twitter. Find out how much time people spend on Twitter in a typical week, how many “friends” someone has on Twitter, and how many companies or organisations people follow on Twitter. The survey results will help you determine if Twitter is a good fit for your brand. Customise this survey with any additional questions you’d like to ask about Twitter.

To create a survey using the Twitter survey template, just sign up or sign in to SurveyMonkey. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey.